Since 1969 we have delivered electronic controllers and regulators to quality conscious companies.

Initially our strong point was electronic components to the ventilation industry. This is still an important business area, and over time many other business areas and products have been included in our range.

Today we offer a wide range of standard products to the ventilation industry, a number of standard solutions to heat pump manufacturers and finally we also offer design, development and manufacturing to our OEM customers.

Below you will find a short introduction film about LS Control A/S and also 4 short films each covering a separate business area.


  • Amongst the most efficient and profitable companies in this line of business
  • The preferred long standing supplier of customized electronic products and services within control, regulation, monitoring and sensors.
  • Delivery of energy efficient solutions based on our own technology platforms, tailored to individual customer requirements.
  • An attractive and stimulating work place with a pleasant atmosphere and room for individuality.

Watch our introduction film about LS Control A/S

What is our understanding of SpeedControl – watch our film on this subject

We have wide product range for controlling and regulating EC Motors etc. – Watch our film about EC Control.

HVAC – controllers for air handling units and ventilation plants packed in solution packs ready to install – watch our film about how we tailor solutions for easy installation.

Watch our film about our development department – what may we do for you?