LS Control A/S circle of owners. From the left Stig Petersen, Martin Jensen, Jens-Erik Hegelund and Per Nielsen.


LS Control A/S celebrates its 50th birthday with a large Birthday Reception on Wednesday 22 May from 13-17 at Industrivej 12, Herlufmagle, where they hope to see many customers, suppliers, friends and business partners over the years. LS Control is today a development company with its own production of electronics controls for many different industries. Historically, the primary business area has always been HVAC and it continues to be so. Here they provide both ready-made solutions for installation contractors and package solutions for manufacturers of heat pumps and air handling systems.LS Control was founded by Henry Larsen and John Schenstrøm in 1969. So Larsen and Schenstrøm = L & S.

LS Control originally began as a consulting engineering company, selling electric motors with electronic components, supplied by subcontractors, during the start-up phase. From this starting point, they began to develop and produce simple controls for electric motors, and in recent years they have moved into the development of several software solutions, where they have developed PC tools for servicing and optimizing ventilation systems and apps for controlling the same. In addition, they have developed a number of gateways that make it possible to have both systems with existing Modbus controls and completely newly developed systems on the Internet. The requirements for comfort ventilation in combination with requirements for energy optimization have increased significantly since 1969, which has meant that they have developed a number of sensors for both duct and wall mounting, which in collaboration with their controllers make it possible to optimize air quality in single rooms taking into account the greatest possible of both comfort and energy consumption.

Furthermore, LS Control has a long tradition of delivering alarms to meet the working environment requirement for adequate air extraction, an area that in recent years is undergoing certain changes, which are of course met with completely new types of alarms.

LS Control has always been owner-managed and today the circle of owners consists of CEO Per Nielsen, Sales and Marketing Director Stig Petersen, Development Manager Martin Jensen and Production, IT and Quality Manager Jens-Erik Hegelund.

Article from HVAC Magasinet, page 64, May 2019