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GELSTED: LS Control on Industrivej is doing good despite the Corona crisis. Hence the crisis has increased the demand for clean air and thereby ventilation in various locations. This year the electronic company with more than 50 years in the business has broken their own turnover record twice and they are selling to both long known business relations and brand-new customers. The company is at present in the middle of 2 expansions to make it possible to also expand the production area.

Stig Petersen pointing at products in LS Control ShowroomHere you see Sales and Marketing Director Stig Petersen in the showroom pointing at the board with controllers for ventilation.

SMD-maskinens komponentføder

It looks a little like old fashioned film reels, but it is actually reels containing the tiny little parts which inside the machine are placed the exact right place on the PCBs.

SMD-maksinenMounting machine for all the ordinary PCBs.

SUCCES: LS Control is busy and need more space for production, so right now there are expansions on Industrivej.

GELSTED : Turning down Industrivej, most people continue round the curve along Helgesvej, but on the left-hand side you actually find one of the more successful companies in Gelsted. It is LS Control. The company with more than 50 years in the business has since the early 80’s been situated on Industrivej where the present Sales and Marketing Manager Stig Petersen became the first employee in 1984 together with one of the founders John Schenstrøm.

Growing Pains

Back then the office was placed in a 100 square meter double garage, which belonged to the single-family house on Industrivej 12, where John Schenstrøm lived. Since then, both the number of employees and the area have grown significantly, to about 40 employees and 2,200 square meters.

Today, the entire single-family house has long since been converted into offices and a canteen, while further additions and rebuilds have taken place over the years. Two years ago, LS Control also rented the neighboring building in number 10, where the development department is now located.

LS Control makes control units for ventilation, frequency converters for heat pumps, and whatever customers requires regarding modern electronics. Green energy is an important focus, but not the only one.

Nyt kontorlokale til produktionsadministration og indkøb

Here you see the latest expansion where people, whom today are placed in the production area, soon are to move in.

Stig Petersen explaining in the Sales and Marketing office

LS Control's sales and marketing director Stig Petersen shows where the garage went to 36 years ago, when he started in the company. Today, the old garage has become part of an office.

Mie picking products in the warehouse

The present warehouse is pretty packed, so it will be good to get all the plastic boxes and such out into the coming cold storage.

New office space

Most recently, a new office space has been built for the production management, production technical department and the purchasing department, located between the warehouse and the production. Today, these employees are in the corner near the production, where there is a lot of noise.

- It is clearly an improvement of their working environment for them to move in there for more peace and quiet, says CEO Per Nielsen, and just as important, it also frees up space in production.

- It provides an opportunity to streamline production, says Per Nielsen and talks about rethinking production setup, more capacity and better flow.

In addition, LS Control has also already embarked on the next expansion, which consists of a cold storage in extension of the current warehouse.

Then we do not need to have all sorts of plastic boxes inside the existing warehouse, which is quite packed, Per Nielsen explains. Goods are received once a day, and goods are shipped once a day, so it will be nice with more space.

At the same time, it will improve the working environment for the warehouse staff, as they will get a long air lock, which will remove the wind from opening and closing the storage door for goods reception and shipping.

So, all in all it will not be long until LS Control have the basis of growing somewhat more than the usual annual 10 percent in revenue.


Article brougt in Sjællandske, November 14th, 2020. Front page and pages 10-11
Journalist: Helle Hansen
Photographer: Jørgen C. Jørgensen

Tanja Jensen mounting components on PCB10-12 persons are employed by manually mount the parts that the mounting machine cannot handle. Here it is montrice Tanja Jensen, whom has been employed at LS Control for 16 years.