SMD machine

SMD machine

E by DEK

E by DEK machine

We have a machine factory for full automatic production in Denmark. In this factory we master all the conventional assembly techniques and we are proud to have a team of dedicated and experienced employees. They have been with us for many years or have held similar positions at other companies.

Our Danish production apparatus is geared to handle both small and large assembly projects. We also offer assembly of electrical boards and Box Build.

Production Equipment

In 2017 we invested in a new Aimex II SMD machine in order to update our production to the newest standards.

In 2018 we added a E by DEK machine as a replacement for our previous machine, which was over 15 years old. With optimisation of quality and costs and flexibility in production, this investment has led to minimisation of waste and reduction in start-up time.

The new machines open up possibilities for use of smaller components and ensure a higher degree of automation in the production process.