With us as a partner and supplier, you can be assured of a uniformly high level of quality and a continuous development of our competencies. Since 2009 we have been ISO 9001 certified, and therefore your tasks from idea to product are in safe hands.

Our quality management system is built on a web-based system where all employees have access to documents and reports. All employees can make suggestions for improvement, create and process deviations, see quality goals and find quality-related information. The system helps us to stay focused on quality, optimize our processes and process deviations efficiently as well as ensure continuous improvements.

In 2021, we have also become ISO 14001 environmentally certified, as we want to be part of the global effort to protect and improve the environment. We focus on environmentally friendly processes and - in collaboration with you as our customer - we find the best and most environmentally friendly solutions.

We use an efficient material and production management system, where there is full coherence between sales orders, production planning, job management, warehousing, purchasing and finance, delivery, and traceability. This means that we always have a current overview of the status of the process, from the time you order an item until it is confirmed, produced, and delivered.

All workplaces in production have PC terminals on the tables. Here, employees are presented with the documentation in force at any given time in the form of parts lists, photo series with descriptions as well as associated labels and manuals for all processes in the production.

We perform ongoing checks on all processes and all products are checked and function tested before delivery. This ensures that the products always comply with the agreed specifications and give you as our customer security. Both in relation to production quality and environment.

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