As a natural consequence of producing electronic equipment LS Control comply to the EU WEEE directive on marking and collecting electronic waste.

LS Control is a registered member of the Danish Elretur system - an association which purpose is to collect electronic waste in accordance with the WEEE directive. Each month we turn in the number of kilos of electronic we put on the marked. This is our way of ensuring that electronic components are disposed of in an environmental friendly way.

In practice this means that the finished products which you buy from us and which are manufactured and marked by LS Control A/S will be accepted by the Danish Elretur collection system.

Furthermore, this means that discarded equipment can be returned in accordance with the directives on the website of Elretur: - choose menu ‘Disposal of WEEE’

We recommend that our international customers contact the local authorities for further information on disposal of equipment under the WEEE directive.

Please note that if you are having products made by LS Control A/S and you are registered as the manufacturer, e.g. by branding or logo on the product, it is your responsibility to get the product registered with a waste collection association or in other ways ensure that the requirements of the WEEE directive are met. In this way you contribute to ensure the safe and correct disposal of discarded electronic components.

This also applies if you buy semi-manufactures without enclosure or printed circuit boards from us as they are to be enclosed and marked by you to meet the requirements of other directives as for example the low voltage directive and the machinery directive.

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