Today 31/10-18, we were awarded the ’DI Sysjællands Initiativpris 2018’. This award is presented from the Danish Industry Association each year to a small / medium sized company with remarkable initiative and energy within sales, technology, education etc.

The award was presented by the vice chairman of DI Sydsjælland Peter Rosenkrands in the presence of Niels True (V), deputy leader of the Plan- and Trade committee of Næstved and all employees our auditor and bank connections in our newly renovated Sales Office Industrivej 12, Herlufmagle, where we have resided since beginning of 1980’s.

We are receiving the award due to our constant focus on product development and close cooperation with our customer to create important value for the manufacturers of ventilation equipment who wishes to be leading in green technology.

It has especially been emphasized that we consider both product development and optimized production core arears. As an example, we have through the latest 2 years invested in new production equipment which optimizes our production with higher atomization in the production process. Furthermore, we have very dedicated employees in all areas of our company from development of new hardware, programming of new software and apps, purchase of the best components, precise and accurate production, negotiation of customer agreements, warehouse optimization and shipping to financial management.

The award is a tribute to us all and was celebrated with brunch and cake.

As recipient of the ’DI Sydsjællands Initiativpris 2018’ we become one of 19 candidates for the ’DI’s nationale Initiativpris’ (DI National Initiative Award), which is being presented by H.R.H. Prince Joachim at DI’s yearly conference for small and medium sized companies in January 2019 in ‘Industriens Hus’ in Copenhagen.