In 2018 we have expanded our test facilities considerably with the addition of Industrivej 10, where our testcenter ist newly arranged.

What can we offer?

Here we among other things are able to test fume cupboards, Laminar Airflow Products and Heat Pumps for our customers. It is also here our measuring instruments for measuring magnetic fields are used to ensure that all products comply with EN62233, the European standard for exposure to electromagnetic fields.

What does this do for our customers?

The flexible arrangement and the accessibility, with large entrance gates, enables us to adapt tests for many different kinds of products in different sizes, also large subjects. The separate Building ensures no disturbances during test and the possibility to test over longer periods of time. Furthermore, we now have the room for testing multiple products at a time.

The new test center ensures that we also in the future have the necessary capacity for offering test of both the electronic components and the finished products.

Industrivej 10

Industrivej 10 - indoor


Measuring instrument for electromagnetic radiation