LS Control has registered the trademark of EC Control®. All products carrying the EC Control® trademark are specially designed for EC motors. To meet the request for an easy step by step regulation of EC motors LS Control has made a 4-Step Controller as a feature to the versatile and user friendly MultiController 0-100%.

In addition to the original 4 functions, the MultiController 0-100% also features a 4 step controller function. To turn the MultiController 0-100% into a 4 step controller you may choose between:

  • Choose the '4-step' function to make a 1 to 4 step by step controller
  • Choose the '4-step+PIR' to make a 4-step controller which "regulates" according to whether the room is occupied or not - turning the ventilation down to step 1 when room not occupied at stepping up to step 2 when occupied.

According to the new ECO design directive the controller should be stepless adjustable in 4 steps to achieve the best possible calculation factor for the SEC value. 

To learn more, click to download leaflet about the 4-Step Controller.

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