This ebm Modbus display unit is designed specifically for reading and displaying of parameters from ebm papst EC fans via RS485 / MODBUS® RTU interface.

Ideal for use in both new and refurbished ventilation solutions. In conventional AC solutions controlled by a frequency converter a number of data are available from the frequency converter. When the AC motors are replaced with EC motors, these parameters are not displayed any more, as the frequency converter now are an internal part of the EC motor. To meet the need for still being able to get these data displayed, we have developed the Modbus display unit. 
The Modbus display unit displays a number of parameters from the EC motor including the parameters below, which are displayed on the main screen:

  • State
  • Error
  • Set
  • Speed
  • Power

Alarms will be logged and shown on the display and it is also possible to retrieve alarm logs via SD card. 

Click Modbus Display for further information or download our leaflet about Modbus Display.

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