LS Control has registered the trademark of EC Control®. All products carrying the EC Control® trademark are specially designed for EC motors. Our MultiControllers carry the EC Control® mark, and they are specially developed for demand controlled ventilation of individual rooms. The MultiController is a versatile, programmable and user friendly unit.
EC Control by MultiController
EC Control® makes it easy to comply with ECO design legislation!

The choice when you are looking for a versatile and programmable series of controllers specially designed for EC Motors, the LS Control series of MultiControllers are esigned to meet the future needs for flexibility in the control of a variety of comfort parameters combined with user friendly operation.

The MultiController exist in 2 modeltypes; Our top model MultiController E Regulate and the variation MultiController E 0-100%.

Select he MultiController 0-100% for basic adjustment functions readily available with a quick guide assisting you in choosing the function you need for your project.

For more complex demand controlled regulation select the MultiController E Regulate which e.g features a visual alarm function.

Standard output signal from LS Control MultiControllers is 0-10V. However, the entire range of LS Control MultiControllers is also available with PWM output.

According to new EU legislation a visual alarm will be required on a great number of ventilation solutions as per 2016 / 2018.

For inspiration on application examples please visit our page for 'Solution suggestions for ventilation'

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