Regulator with build-in CO2 and temperature sensor and alarm-lamp. The regulator regulates etc. a ventilator, damper or other equipment using a 0-10V control signal. CO2 can be adjusted in the range 600-1500ppm and temperature in the range 14-27°C

Basic regulate i equipped with a green light for operation and a red light for warnings from Tacho-signal from EC-motor / Ventilator or a pressure switch monitoring the filter.


uses the widely used ABC algorithm, which ensures long life without calibration. Only the room cannot be used constantly, but must regularly get sufficient airflow to lower the CO2 to fresh air level.

Tariff Number 90328900
EAN-Number 5703471441024
Size (HxWxD) 85x85x30mm
Enclosure IP 22
Supply Voltage 230VAC
Frequency 50Hz
Measure range 0 - 2.000ppm
Measure Range 2 0 - 40°C


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