ClearTUBE has a Nanocrystaline core for replacing the shielding of motor cables. Just put ClearTUBE over the L1+L2+L3 cable without N and PE.

ClearTUBE absorbs the high frequency noise before it can radiate through the cable. So, unshielded motor cables can be used together with VFDs.

Each single ClearTUBE can handle up to 50m motor cable. If you have 150m motor cable you have to use 3 etc.

ClearTUBE can handle up to 1,2MW motors. ClearTUBE is designed for easy installation.

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EAN-Number 5703471262018
Size (HxWxD) 50x40x200mm
Ife 14.1cm
Afe 7.3Cm2
Isat 15Apk


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