The CO2 regulator is a combined sensor and regulator for a wide range of applications. For full control of ventilation in offices and/or as CO2 sensor in more complicated ventilation systems.

It is provided with two independent 0-10V outputs. A proportional output based on the current CO2 level, and one control output designed for control of damper or ventilation plant. Room temperature can be included as a control parameter. Also available with integrated MODBUS communication protocol for retrieval of data from the unit - product no. 48305.

Both design and ease-of-use have been prioritised

  • Easy to set-up, install and adjust.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Discreet sensor ideal for mounting in households and office environments.  
  • Control of ventilation plant based on temperature and CO2 level.
  • Possible to adjust on the basis of CO2 level alone.
  • Possible to use as COmeter and ventilation controller simultaneously.
  • PID (proportional-integral-derivative) adjustment
  • Two output control signal ranges available: 0 - 10V or 2 - 10V.

If on/off operation is required, the 24V DC power supply type PowerSupply 0.1-24 E with integrated setpoint relay is ideal to use together with the sensor.

The CO2 Sensor uses the widely used ABC algorithm, which ensures long life without calibration. Only the room cannot be used constantly, but must regularly get sufficient airflow to lower the CO2 to fresh air level.

Front cover for covering the knobs is included.

Tariff Number 90329000
EAN-Number 5703471483048
Size (HxWxD) 85x85x35mm
Enclosure IP 32
Supply Voltage 24VAC
Alternate Supply 24VDC
Max. tolerance of supply 10%
Output Power (W / VA) 3/6.4VA
Ambient temperature 20 - 50°C
Precision sensor CO2: ±50ppm ved 500ppm - ºC: ± 0,5 ºC
Measure range 0 - 2.000ppm
Measure Range 2 0 - 50°C
0-10V output current 15mA


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