Sensor for measuring of air velocity and temperature in ventilation ducts.

The sensor uses the cooling properties of the air to measure the air velocity in ventilation ducts.

The sensor measures the airflow from 0.3 - 8.0 m/s and air tempereture 0-50°C which is translated to 2 separate 0-10V control signals.

It is important that the sensor is not installed in an area with turbulence, i.e. it should not be installed in proximity to an elbow or a junction.

The mounting bracket which can be used as a drilling template is included. After a hole has been drilled in the duct (18 and5 mm drills) the bracket and sensor is mounted with screws.

Tariff Number 90329000
EAN-Number 5703471493351
Size (HxWxD) Ø18 - 200mm
Enclosure IP 10
Supply Voltage 24VAC
Alternate Supply 15 - 30VDC
Max. tolerance of supply VAC: 15%
Output Power (W / VA) 2.1/6VA
Ambient temperature 5 - 50°C
Precision sensor 10% af fullscale
Measure range 0.3 - 8m/s
Measure Range 2 0 - 50°C
Number of 0-10V Outputs 2
0-10V output current 10mA


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