SpeedControl 3x100 E - 3 phase Triac controller for fan motors up to 4kW. 

This regulator is most suitable as spare part for older ventilation plants using voltage control. Plants using newer energy efficient motors are most likely not suitable for voltage control as the motors will be having an extreme power consumption and overheat. This kind of efficient motors must be regulated by a frequency converter. We will be pleased to guide you to the right frequency converter.

The controller is mounted in a grey plastic box

The controller uses an internal floating neutral to avoid reverse current. Without neutral the motor voltage can be reduced to 50% which is a normal control range for motors and pumps. A jumper makes it possible to operate in regulated neutral allowing the output voltage to be adjusted to approx. 80 V.

Control signal options: potentiometer 47K, 0-10V normal and inverted, electronic start/stop. 15V DC output for control modules. The control unit is galvanic isolated from net. It is possible to adjust the minimum and maximum voltage output and soft start time

Tariff Number 85044090
EAN-Number 5703471204025
Size (HxWxD) 280x280x140mm
Enclosure IP 54
Supply Voltage 3x400VAC
Frequency 50Hz
Max. load (Ampere) 3 x 10A


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