MoistureSwitch - Dew gauge in box. Used to alarm if condensation or moisture occurs on a ventilation pipe or a floor. For example, it could be in a computer room or basement.

The dew gauge has relay output that switches at 80% of output signal (80% moisture) and 0-10V output proportional to current moisture measurement. This signal can be sent to a monitoring system or signal guard.

For example, a moisture strip humidity ribbon is placed on a ventilation pipe, or on or under a floor where monitoring is desired. The length required for adequate monitoring is used. Moisture strip, item no: 999-201702, is ordered by the metre.

Tariff Number 90329000
EAN-Number 5703471408133
Size (HxWxD) 120x70x45mm
Enclosure IP 20
Supply Voltage 230VAC
Ambient temperature -10 - 40°C
Relay output 250V 16A
0-10V output current 20mA


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