LS SmartConnect Gateway is the link to get existing Modbus Controllers on the internet (IoT).

LS SmartConnect Gateway is a PIC processor based solution for translating Modbus to LAN. Customer specific software is always required for translating the specific Modbus protocols to LAN.

The LS SmartConnect Gateway comes with a PC-based tool (the data-logger) making it possible for technicians to service the equipment remotely. Furthermore it is possible to buy a customer specific app for end-user access, adapted to company specific graphical layout.

With every Gateway a Nabto-License is supplied to ensure a secure connection between equipment and App/PC.

Tariff Number 84718000
EAN-Number 5703471499957
Size (HxWxD) 64x138x30mm
Enclosure IP 20
Supply Voltage 9 - 27VDC
Consumption 90mA v/10V
Ambient temperature 10 - 50°C


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