LS SmartConnect Mini GateWay is a small GateWay to be build-in products with existing controllers using ModBus, but without the internet connection.

The Mini GateWay has no memory and do not require customer specific software - The ModBus translation is performed through the Nabto Server and no historical data for the performance of the device is saved anywhere.

It is possible to get the actual performance displayed and control the product using the LS SmartConnect App or via the LS SmartConnect Center. 

A Nabto license is included with each LS SmartConnect Mini GateWay.

Tariff Number 84718000
EAN-Number 5703471499940
Size (HxWxD) 70x32x8mm
Enclosure IP 00
Supply Voltage 5VDC
Max. tolerance of supply 10%
Max. load (Ampere) 500mA
Ambient temperature 10 - 50°C


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