The MultiController E 0-100% is a set point controller for adjustment of output signals (0-10V) between 0 and 100%, on/off or as 4-step regulator (see quick guide for this function). All MultiControllers uses the same user interface which makes them very easy to install and operate. The MultiController is equipped with multiple in- and outputs and a RS-485 serial interface with a MODBUS® protocol. Consequently, it can be integrated in the majority of plants.

The integrated scheduler function supports up to 10 individual shifts of output signal per day. The integrated battery ensures that clock and scheduler is maintained for approx. 72 hours in case of power failure.

Display language is chosen at first start-up of MultiController and you may choose amongst English, German, Swedish and Danish.

The MultiController is equipped with card reader for our microSD card (53403) which makes it fast and easy to software update the unit or copy settings from one MultiController to another.

For identification of operating equipment, it is possible to enter a text in the MultiController e.g. 'Room 1 vent 1'.

The MultiController has a service function which makes it possible after a chosen number of moths to get your own text displayed e.g. 'Call company + phone number for service'.  Additionally, possibility of "alarm" via Modbus. The Service function is provided to help remembering to service the ventilation plant to ensure optimum operation with a minimum consumption of energy. 

PIR sensor connection is available for possibility of reduced/no operation when there is no movement in the room.

MultiController is equipped with an optional Tacho function, which is causing an alarm in case of deviation from set motor speed.

Tariff Number 90328900
EAN-Number 5703471434019
Size (HxWxD) 85x85x35mm
Enclosure IP 42
Supply Voltage 24VAC
Alternate Supply 15 - 30VDC
Max. tolerance of supply VAC: 15%
Output Power (W / VA) 2.4W
Ambient temperature 0 - 60°C
0-10V output current 10mA
0-10V input impedance 7kOhm
Communication interface RS485


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