Alarm WE 981 is a universal alarm with sound and light signal with the possibility of muting the sound. The alarm is used with a control box or other monitoring with an alarm output. Muting the sound does not affect the visual alarm.

Alarm WE 981 has a green operating LED, red alarm LEDs and a button for muting the sound.

Alarm WE 981 can be used for monitoring, for example, CO2, temperature, humidity etc., if the monitoring unit is equipped with a relay / alarm output.

The alarm is available in 3 versions, this as well as a 24V version (item no. 49129) and a 230V version (item no. 49128)

Tariff Number 85318070
EAN-Number 5703471491272
Size (HxWxD) 120x122x60mm
Enclosure IP 22
Supply Voltage 11 - 14 VDC
Alternate Supply 9VAC
Output Power (W / VA) 2W
Ambient temperature -25 - 50°C


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