Basic Regulate 0-100% with built-in alarm-lamp. The regulator regulates eg. a ventilator, damper or other equipment using a 0-10V control signal. A minimum speed for ventilator / motor may be set in the regulator, this will make it impossible to turn the speed lower than the minimum value of eg. 30% of maximum speed.

Basic Regulate is equipped with a green LED, which is lit when operating and a red LED which will be lit as a warning signal from Tacho-signal from the EC-motor / ventilator or a pressure switch monitoring the filter.

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Tariff Number 90328900
EAN-Number 5703471441031
Size (HxWxD) 85x85x30mm
Enclosure IP 20
Supply Voltage 230VAC
Frequency 50Hz
Max. tolerance of supply 10%
Power outlet 230V
output current Max. 2A
Ambient temperature 0 - 40°C
Number of 0-10V Outputs 1
0-10V output current 5mA


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