Complete package including the ES 10 pressure regulator designed for use in ventilation plants and ES 11 Pressure sensor 0-500 Pa.

The regulator is equipped with a 0-10V DC output and on/off relay for control of a frequency converter or a triac controller. 3 different operation modes and set points are available; day operation, night operation and max operation. Also the ES 10 is equipped with a voltage free alarm output for connection to the BMS system or similar.

The PressureSensor measures negative, positive and differential pressures. The output voltage is standard 0-10V and it is proportional to the surrounding pressure. The pressure sensor is specially designed for use in ventilation plants in cooperation with ES 10 pressure regulator.

Set includes 2m silicone tube and 1 metal tube fitting.

Tariff Number 90328900
EAN-Number 5703471408508
Enclosure IP 54
Max. tolerance of supply 10%
Sensor type Tryktransducer
Measure range 0 - 500Pa
0-10V output current 20mA


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