2 input signals are summed proportionately to 0-100% (e.g. in relation 60/40 or 15/85). Which is used, for example, as an expression of the size ratio of fume cupboard air quantities.

The resulting signal can then be converted to a desired output voltage. I.e. 3-6V input voltage can be scaled to e.g. 0-10V / 9-10V or 2-4V output voltage. Likewise, 0-10V input voltage can be scaled to e.g. 0-2V or 8-10V output voltage.

Tariff Number 85044090
EAN-Number 5703471444551
Size (HxWxD) 122x122x55mm
Enclosure IP 22
Supply Voltage 230VAC
Frequency 50Hz
Ambient temperature 0 - 30°C
0-10V output current 20mA


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