Is used for testing equipment which is regulated by a 0-10V or 4-20mA control signal. This product is not able to supply voltage but only control signal.

ES 488 0-10V Control Signal Simulator has by voltage output a resolution of 0.1 V per step and by current output the resolution is 0.2mA per step. The voltage or the current can be set to variate automatically in a ramp.

The output can be set to vary between lowest and highest value for voltage/current within a preset time between 10sec and 1 hour. The minimum difference between minimum and maximum value is 1V or 0.2mA

ES 488 0-10V Control Signal Simulator is delivered including test leads.

Tariff Number 85044030
EAN-Number 5703471499124
Size (HxWxD) 101x60x27mm
Supply Voltage Batteri 9VDC
Ambient temperature 0 - 40°C


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