Receiver for wireless sensors. The receiver comes with ModBus and 0-10V output and can also be used as repeater in Mesh networks.

If ModBus output is used, it is possible to connect and regulate on signal from up to 32 wireless sensors.

If 0-10V signal is used, it is only possible to regulate on signal from one sensor.

The receiver comes in an external box for connection to an air handling unit, heat pump or regulator, as this gives the best reception of signal. Hence, most air handling units and heat pumps are build into a metal cabinet which block the reception of signal from the wireless sensors.

Tariff Number 85176990
EAN-Number 5703471441109
Size (HxWxD) 64x138x30mm
Enclosure IP 20
Supply Voltage 15 - 24VDC
Ambient temperature 0 - 40°C
Number of 0-10V Outputs 4
Communication interface MODBUS
Communication interface 2 MiWi Mesh 868MHz


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