LS SmartConnect 


Tariff Number: 90328900

Supply Voltage: 12 - 24V DC

Dimension (HxWxD): 135x60x27 mm

Ambient Temperature: -10 - 50°C

Gateway box 

The universal Gateway from LS Control gets existing equipment on the internet, which makes it possible to monitor and control it using PC-tools and Apps.

The LS Control Gateway is PIC processor based and developed to translate MODBUS® to LAN.

To be able to function as a Gateway customer specific software, which is able to read and understand the MODBUS protocols in the existing equipment and translate them into LAN, is required.

The customer specific software is developed on the basis of data lists, protocols, set points, performance statistics and the possibilities which the customer wish to access in the equipment via the "cloud". The data base architecture is determined in cooperation with customer or by LS Control self according to customer choice. A PC Tool (the datalogger) for technicians for external servicing of the the equipment is always included. An App, mainly for the use of end-users can be bought and customers graphical interface can be incorporated in the App.

When you customer decide to buy the gateway with customer specific software a Nabto License is always assigned which together with the customer specific software ensures a secure ID verification of the data transmitter and receiver creating a secure connection between equipment and App/PC.