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Automation Solutions

We have extensive experience in developing automated solutions, especially for air treatment facilities and heat pumps. Our controllers adapt to the need for e.g. air supply or extraction based on input from different sensors. If the CO2 level is too high, the controller automatically turns up the air supply, if the humidity level is too high, then extraction is turned up. In this way, optimal operation of a system is ensured, both in terms of comfort and energy consumption.

However, automated solutions are much more than automated operation of air handling units. For example, intelligent electronics in our frequency converters ensure that the motor in your product runs completely smoothly.

There are thus many opportunities to automate all or part of a solution, and we are happy to talk about how your product can be automated in the best possible way. Our experience bank with projects for over 50 years gives you an optimal opportunity to get a technology partner in us to discuss opportunities.

Contact us today so we can have a talk about what is the best solution for you and your product.