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’IOT – Fleet Management

We have devoloped the LS SmartConnect Center, which is a tool for monitoring and servicing of e.g. heat pumps and ventilation systems.

About LS Control

Since 1969 we have delivered electronics

Since 1969 we have delivered electronics for control and regulation of primarily ventilation to quality-conscious companies, always based on our own technology platforms.

our focal point is our development department and local production. Those are the places where new products become to life.

As an extension to our development department we also have our own test equipment. This ensures that both our standard products and the products we develope and produce for our customers, are always tested thouroughly and as a minimum complies to current standards and legislation.

LS Control A/S

Our business rely on 3 areas, each which contribute to define us.

We take pride in being on the forefront of rules and regulations, not least the ECO-design, so you can be certain to get a good and competent feedback regardless of you need to get a brand new product developed or need instructions in use of our standard products.

Standard product programme with ready to install products primarily delivered through wholesalers, consits of a broad range of self-developed products for the ventilation business.

Customer Standard Products (CSPs) are available for several business. These are products which are finalized and configured according to requrements and specifications of the individual manufacturer. An approach which lower both the development time and cost.

Customer products, colloquially called OEM products. These products are developed from scratch according to customer specifications and in close coopertion with the customer. Subsequently we produce and deliver the products.

What are our skills


We have a wide range of competencies to draw on, whin we are looking for the right solution to realise your  idea. Here you can read about some of them.

EMC-Test (1)


We have our own EMC test laboratory and can help you with pre-testing of your finished product before final testing at a Certified Test Bureau.
Automated Solutions

Automation Solutions

With automated solutions from us, optimal operation is ensured with minimum manual intervention

Embedded Solutions

Our embedded solutions ensure that all functions in your product are optimized for high quality and performance as well as the lowest possible energy consumption and environmental impact.
IoT Fleet Management

IoT Fleet Management

LS SmartConnect Center is an IoT fleet management system that can be used for a wide range of ventilation products

Digital Solution

We can assist you both in bringing your analogue controllers into the digital world and in optimizing your digital solutions. So you get unique competitive advantages on your products.
Kompetence - Power Engineering

Power Engineering

Our self-developed frequency converters are produced both in versions for EC motors and for BDLC compressors

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