From idea to finished product

With us, you get everything under one roof. From the moment you reach out with your idea for a new product, until you have the finished electronics package in your hands.

We have specialists who can guide you in choosing the right technology and help manage your project. In our development department, we have both hardware and software developers who collaborate across disciplines, ensuring that the latest knowledge in both areas is brought into play. It’s also our in-house development department that can step in to find alternative components or make minor redesigns in case of component shortages, so the production of your electronic product doesn’t grind to a halt, risking market loss for you.

Our production ensures the rapid delivery of prototypes and first series. And subsequently, a smooth and frictionless production process adjusted to your needs.

Your electronic products are, of course, tested by our Testing Department before going into production and continuously, to discover any errors before the product reaches you.

This is all tied together by an efficient logistics department that goes to great lengths to always have the right components in stock to produce your electronic product and ensures safe packaging and shipping.

With us, you have a technology partner that takes care of the entire process throughout your product’s lifecycle.