ISO Certified

Since 2009, we have been ISO9001 certified, which means that we stay focused on quality, optimize our processes and process deviations efficiently, as well as ensure continuous improvements.

In 2021, we have expanded our certification with environmental certification ISO14001. We have done this to ensure and optimize our efforts on environmentally sound processes, especially in production, and thus support global efforts to protect and improve the environment. See our certificate here.

EU regulations


In 2007, the EU Regulation on the Registration of Chemicals became effective. In everyday speech called REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances). The regulation is to ensure the protection of humans and the environment against harmful chemicals.

In consequence, we have researched and found that none of the products we use contain hazardous substances on the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) SVHC list (substances of very high concern). In addition, we keep in constant contact with all our suppliers with a focus on complying with the law and using as harmless substances as possible.


RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive and is an EU Directive from 2011 (2011/65/EU) regarding restrictions on certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. The directive has been followed up with a supplement in 2015 (EU / 2015/863) called RoHS 3.

Naturally, all our products comply with this directive. Eg. our production is completely lead-free. Press the RoHS declaration to view our accession documentation.


WEEE (Waste (of) Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is another EU directive (2012/19 / EU) and deals with the labeling and collection of electronic waste.

We are a member of Elretur, which is a collective collection scheme for electronic scrap according to the WEEE directive. Click on the Elretur label to see our certificate

In practice this mean that all products where we come acreoss as manufacturer, due to marking or logo on the product, are also marked with the WEEE-logo. These products are calculated and reported to Elretur on a monthly basis. At the same time a fee is paid to ensure correct disposal.

You can help by returning scrapped equipment accordint to the rules for disposal of electronics in your community, region and country. In this way we all contribute to take care of our environment.

WEEE when we are not the manufacturer and on built-in PCBs

You must pay attention to register as manufacturer yourself and sign up for a collection scheme if you have products developed specifically for you, or you have your own logo or marking on the products. In these cases, you are the manufacturer and your products are not included in our report.

The above also applies if you buy unencapsulated PCBs from us. Unencapsulated PCBs are perceived as semi-finished products, as they must be incorporated into another product or otherwise encapsulated and labeled to meet the requirements of other directives such as the Low Voltage Directive and the Machinery Directive.