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Power Engineering

We specialize in power solutions for HVAC, where many different types of motors, heating units and heat sources are used.

Standard solutions

We have standard solutions for a wide range of power controllers for fans and heaters. These are standard solid state relays, triac regulators and frequency converters, all of which can be found in the product catalogue.

If you need guidance on how to best connect the various power output stages with our controllers, our Key Account Managers are always available, even if you need a power stage in a specially developed solution.

Solutions for Compressors

We have extensive experience with controller electronics, especially for motors in compressors. We get the best possible efficiency with the lowest possible energy loss.

For this, we have a wide range of standard solutions of frequency converters for many different applications, also for systems in operation with A3 cooling gases such as propane, R290.

If the standard solutions do not fit, contact our specialists for a talk about power electronics and location or efficiencies and best operating conditions, our experience can help your project further with the most optimal solution.

Special solutions

We are happy to adapt one of our standard editions so that it fits your task perfectly. With customizations, we can often realize a higher efficiency for your particular product and you get your own unique customized version that is produced exclusively for you.