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Since 1969, We Have Developed and Produced Energy-Optimizing Electronics

It started with quite small electronic regulators primarily for ventilation motors. Since then, we have developed an entire range of controls, regulations, room and duct sensors, alarm systems, and much more.

LS Control A/S

We stand on three pillars, each uniquely contributing to our business.

We take pride in being at the forefront of rules and regulations, including ECO design, so you can always be sure to get a good and competent feedback whether you need to get a brand new product developed or need guidance in use of our standard products.

Standard product programme with ready to install products primarily delivered through wholesalers, consist of a broad range of self-developed products for the ventilation business.

Customizable products for many industries. These are products that are finally configured and adapted to the needs and specifications of the individual manufacturer customer. A model that reduces both development time and cost. Subsequent, we produce and deliver the products to the customer.

Customer products, colloquially called OEM products. These are products that are developed from scratch according to customer’s specifications and in close collaboration with the customer. We then produce and deliver the products.

Although our initial customers primarily came from the ventilation industry, today we have expanded our expertise, and now our clients come from a wide range of industries, for whom we develop and produce highly specialized products. Press the button to read more about our current expertise within the various industries.

The focus is on our customers. Their needs, ideas, and desires drive us. Therefore, we have a short path from customer to our in-house development department and local production. It is in collaboration with our customers that new products are created. And it is our in-house team that ensures our customers a quick time-to-market. Read more about the team by clicking on ‘One-Stop-Shop’.

The cornerstone of LS Control A/S is still to develop, produce, and deliver durable, energy-efficient quality products based on our own technology platforms. The products have a long lifespan, and most can be repaired instead of replaced. This contributes to less electronic waste for the benefit of the environment. We think that’s important. Therefore, we have also participated in and completed the DI’s project on ‘Climate-Ready Manufacturing Company’, just as we have a special focus on the UN’s global goals; 7 and 9. In this way, we can also help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

A very direct way for our customers to reduce their environmental impact is through our IoT Fleet Management, which we call LS SmartConnect Center. It is an internet-based system that enables monitoring, updating, and servicing heat pumps, ventilation systems, etc., from the office. It saves on driving for the benefit of the environment and provides an economic gain in the form of reduced technician time and unproductive kilometers on the roads. If this sounds like something for you, click on ‘IoT Fleet Management’ to read more.

Growth and stability of the company have been a management focus throughout the years. Therefore, we are proud to have been appointed as a success company in both 2022 and 2023. It is recognition we could not have achieved without dedicated employees who give their absolute best every day. They do so because electronics are part of their DNA, and because we are a developing workplace with an informal environment and room for individuality. See what 3 different employees say about working with us by clicking on ‘careers at LS Control’.

Until October 2023, we were owner-led. As part of securing the company’s future, the 4 owner-managers sold 70% of the shares to NIBE Industrier AB. In this way, they secured our future operations and growth without compromising our values and independence. If you want to know more about our history, click on ‘LS Control for more than 50 years’.

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