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Digital Solution

The vast majority of our solutions are digital. Large amounts of data are processed in microprocessors programmed by our specialized software developers to optimize the management, monitoring and digital servicing of your particular product.

The user interface for our digital solutions is a mix of touch displays, PC applications and apps.

We have the technological foundation to bring your solutions into the digital age and ensure high value of your data. For example, when measurement data from various sensors is collected and processed in our microprocessor-based solutions and from there made available in a user-friendly format in our service and monitoring tool LS SmartConnect Center, a lot of money and kilometers driven can be saved, as a large number of tasks can be handled directly on your product without having to leave your business address.

We know and work with a wide range of microprocessors from Microchip and SG, we can therefore select one that fits exactly to your task. Working with and stocking a wide range of microprocessors also increases your delivery security as our knowledge of different processors makes it relatively cost effective to replace a processor, in case of major delivery problems.

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