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IoT Fleet Management

Discover the Future with LS SmartConnect: The Secure Connection of Your Products to the Internet.

It is an expectation that today’s products are connected to the internet and can be controlled and monitores regardless of where you are. We have developed LS SmartConnect wich is a secure web-solution for connecting your products to the internet, either directly or through our gateway. This opens the possibility for monitoring and controlling your product using a PC, smart phone or tablet, no matter where you are.

Security by LS SmartConnect

Many are worried about hacking and leaking personal data when using IoT. LS SmartConnect guarantees a secure peer-to-peer-connection where an advanced code ensures a secure problem free access without compromising security. Our user-friendly app provides a detailed overview of your products ad gives you the option to start, stop and adjust them as needed.

LS SmartConnect Center

LS SmartConnect Center is an internet-based fleet management solution. Our fleet management solution is developed for PC, but is also available in a light version for smart phones and tablets. With the PC-program you can easily administer and monitor groups of products, get a performance log for a specific device, update software in devices, set-up and ajust devices. This makes LS SmartConnect Cente fleet management perfect for dealers and servide partners. You obtain full control over and insight in all the connected products and it is possible to identify and react on any alarms, such as need for filter change, even adjustments and software updates can be made without leaving the office.

For Manufacturers and Service Companies

LS SmartConnect Center ideal for manufacturers and service companies. When the products can be monitores and diagnosed from the office your service planning will be like a game. In many cases lighter service tasks and balancing of the system can be performed without a service visit. This saves kilometers on the road for the service van, which is beneficial for both the economy and the environment. It also gives you customers a first-class service as they do not need to stay home to let in your service personnel. Furthermore, the LS SmartConnect Center can provide you with a retrospective operating analysis, which is very useful when a customer claims that the system has not benoperating optimal over a long period even though no errors or warnings have been detected. LS SmartConnect Center is your digital service partner.

Available on Multiple Platforms 

Our IoT fleet management system is designed to be both flexible and user-friendly. LS SmartConnect Center is available as a full Windows PC-version and in a more compact version for both Android and IoS.


Getting started with LS SmartConnect Center

Let us together investigate how LS SmartConnect Center can be implemented in your products. Contact us for a non-binding dialog about the many options of our system.