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We have our own EMC test laboratory, where we can perform EMC tests when you develop your products with us. EMC testing ensures that the product can function properly without disturbing other electrical products or itself. It is thus ensured that no disturbing electrical “noise” occurs. In addition, the product must not be bothered by any “noise” of other electrical products.

An integral part of developing a new product

When we develop products, we always make sure that it is clearly stated in the specifications which EN standards we perform tests according to. These tests are performed on the electronics we have developed for your product, but of course also on the standard products we develop as finished installation products.

What do you get

All our standard products have a declaration of conformity, which you can have sent to you or download yourself from our website.

If you have had electronics developed specifically for your product, it is possible to order EMC tests. Our developers have many years of specialist knowledge and experience in working with compliance with EMC standards.

It is thus possible to receive a complete test report with measurements, description of test setup and detailed photo documentation in relation to the selected EN standard. There could be EN 60335 standard for electrical / electronic appliances for households and the like.

We also work with EN61010-1 for laboratory systems, often together with EN61000-6-3 and EN61000-6-1.

Test at several levels

You can choose to have only the electronics we have developed tested. But we also offer to perform pre-testing of your complete, finished product, in which the developed electronics are included as part of a complete whole.

This means that the product passes safely through tests at certified test providers both in DK and in other countries, e.g. TÜV in Germany, if that is what is desired.

In our experience, such a pre-test is a really good idea, as there is typically a long waiting time for the certified providers, and it is very expensive if the product has to go through several tests with the certified providers.

Over the years, we have invested in a wide range of special test equipment that allows for high-level testing.

Which tests do we perform

An EMC test will typically consist of a combination of the elements below.

  • HF – Field Emission (EMI).
  • Grid-borne HF noise
  • Harmonic power lines on the grid
  • ESD Air Discharge
  • Grid failure and voltage drop
  • Transients on AC input / output power ports