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John Scheenstrøm
Henry Larsen
June 1969

LS Control Was Founded By Henry Larsen And John Schenstrøm

Our story started back in June 1969, when the 2 founders Henry Larsen and John Schenstrøm founded a consulting engineering company. The initials from the last names of the 2 founders, formed the initials LS and Control were added, as the consultancy was largely about electric motors and their control. LS Control became a reality.

Henry and John were colleagues in another consulting engineering firm where they worked on the sale and sizing of electric motors. Together, they learned that there was a greater and greater requirement from customers to provide electric motors with small electronic controls. They therefore founded L & S Control, which sold electric motors with associated electronic solutions, which, however, in the start-up phase were assembled and delivered from subcontractors.

LS Control A/S

The electric motor part is separated and the electronics part grows

After a number of years, the company was split into 2, where Henry Larsen took care of the electric motor part, and formed a new company called Parlock, which is still in operation. John Schenstrøm continued with the electronics part, as this was closest to his heart. It was also John who invented that all controls from LS Control should be built on a printed circuit board with the initials ES followed by a consecutive number. ES stands for Electronic Control (Elektronisk Styring in Danish).

For the first 15 years, the company had no employees. All production was done by subcontractors. The company’s first employee was Stig Petersen, the current main shareholder, and he was the pioneer who started own production on-site in 1985.

For the rest of the story up to 2019, download our 50th anniversary brochure

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