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Development Department

Highly Specialized Developers

In the development department, we have highly specialized developers for both hardware, software, and app development.

It is this team that develops our standard products and customer-specific solutions. They therefore have a deep knowledge of our product portfolio and use this knowledge to adapt, for example, a standard product to a completely new customer-specific solution. This means that the development process becomes smoother and often both faster and more cost-effective, as work continues with already known solutions. Of course, you can also choose to have your specific electronic product developed from scratch based on your requirements for functionality etc.

The development team spans many competences and experience from many industries. The focus is always to find the optimal solution in relation to development time, production optimization, development price for the overall task, and not least the purchase price of the product after development is complete. In addition, energy optimization in relation to the product’s overall lifespan and use is always a focus.

When you have chosen to use us as a partner for your next project, your Key Account Manager, in collaboration with the development department, will ensure that the developers associated with your project are specialists in the optimal areas for the project. The developers also work together crosswise in project groups and draw on each other’s expertise. In this way, we ensure that your solution is optimized as much as possible.

See a selection of our expertises and contact us to find out how we can help you get your product ready for production as quickly and efficiently as possible and at a competitive price.