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Manufacturers of Industry and Process Ventilation

We have for many years worked with manufacturers of ventilation products for industrial and process ventilation and have therefore gained extensive experience in the development of e.g. local exhaust ventilation products, such as suction arms used by podiatrists when they grind nails etc., welders when welding and many other professions where they work with materials that emit potentially harmful dust or smoke. Some of these local exhaust ventilation units use a “measuring circuit” in a CE socket, so extraction starts when the connected machine starts.

Another form of “local exhaust ventilation” is the large industrial hoods for large kitchens, here we have also developed electronics so the hood is easily controlled in relation to needs.

In addition, we have experience with the development and production of parking ventilation automation and smoke purifiers.

If you have a project within the slightly heavier industrial and process ventilation, we also have the opportunity to help you with the electronics part to get your project done. Contact us today for a talk about the possibilities in your project.

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