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Manufacturers of laboratory equipment

We collaborate with several large manufacturers of laboratory equipment, where we deliver e.g. flow sensors, pressure sensors, pressure switches and various control platforms for a wide range of products.

Laboratory equipment we have experience in developing control platforms for

Traditionally, we have developed various complete control platforms including control panels for fume cupboards and laminar airflow (LAF), as well as refrigerators, freezers and ovens with very constant temperature. Often in different combinations.

In recent years, we have also developed complete control platforms with operation and HMI interface with online service interface for many different products, for example:
IVF systems
Low temperature freezers -80°C (-90°C)
Sluice gates for material passing between clean rooms
Sluice gates for person passage between cleanrooms
UV sterilizers
Cap-/decapper (a machine that removes caps from many test tubes at a time and recaps them).

If you have a project in the laboratory equipment industry, do not hesitate to contact us for a talk about possibilities.

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