Continued challenges in the component market

In the wake of Covid-19, there are still challenges in the component market. Commodity prices continue to rise and there are very long delivery times for all types of components. Our highly skilled purchasing department does everything they can to reduce the impact on both price and delivery. In order to continue to be at […]

The team expands

We have had growing pains and to ensure we can continue to maintain the good service for both current and new customers, we have expanded our development team with no less than 3 new colleagues, each with their core competencies ready to help you, so you get to the end of your project. The sales […]

New website with improved product catalog

In collaboration with the Næstved company Holder100, we have modernized our website. We think a very nice result has come out of it, and it is now much easier to find relevant information about what we can do for you as our customer. Our online product catalog has also been improved, so it is now […]