From Idea to Product

We work with you all the way through the new tasks and challenges you may face from concept / specification to final product. We support and guide you safely through your development project from start to mass produced product. If you already are an experienced developer or have your own development department, we offer to assist you in obtaining the best result.

Do you have an idea or a question? You will always get a fast and competent response from our development engineers. We take pride in assisting you as fast as possible.

Each of our development engineers have expert knowledge within one or more specific areas. Knowledge which is continuously updated and shared with the team, letting the team achieve a broad and deep knowledge and experience in a variety of disciplines and specialties.

For instance, we are at the forefront of developing micro-processor based controllers with graphical, touch and web-based operator interfaces - Thus, of course, we have our own concept for getting an Air Handling Unit on the internet, including an App for monitoring and controlling.

We have a long and extensive experience in project management, making sure that your project is safely finished on time on price. We can take care of CE marking and preparation of test reports. We can produce user manuals, service and maintenance standards, design manuals and software documentation.

You will experience a short development process time. This due to our long experience and our model for development processes. We are using a development process model where we, by means of pre-developed modules, customize your product. This approach gives you an optimal and unique product, tailored to your specific requirements / specification in a fast and inexpensive way.

After the development process, our competent PTA function in cooperation with our purchase and production staff will ensure that your product is produced in the most efficient and cost effective way. This guarantees you that the high quality and competitive price is maintained.

Finally, in certain cases, we may agree to contribute with co-financing of the project.

Development Engineers