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Key Account Manager

Whether you need counsel on a standard product or you have an idea for a new product, you will always be able to talk to one of our Key Account Managers, who all have a high level of technical knowledge and can guide you.

If you are considering developing a new product, you will be associated with the Key Account Manager who specializes in knowledge about exactly the type of product you want to develop. The Key Account Manager is thus your contact person in LS Control and can advise you on technology choices, and be the link to our development department and production. The Key Account Manager will, in close collaboration with the development and the production department, ensure that you experience a fast and simple development process with a subsequent optimal production at a competitive price.

When the development work is well completed and the production is put into operation, your Key Account Manager will continue to be your contact in LS Control and ensure that you continually experience a trouble-free production of your product as well as high delivery security. Your Key Account Manager will also be your contact for any later upgrades of your product or redesign, if in the long run it turns out to be possible to optimize the product.

With us, a Key Account Manager is thus much more than a salesperson, he/she is your agent in LS Control. Contact us to hear more.