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AHU and Heat Pump manufacturers

We have a large experience base to draw on when it comes to air-to-water heat pumps for the production of domestic water in homes and ventilation systems, with and without integrated heat pump, cross or rotation exchanger

Air Handling Units (AHU) / Ventilation systems

We have extensive experience with all types of ventilation systems. From smaller one-room ventilation systems to larger Air Handling Units, we can help you find the right controller for your system. It often requires adaptation of one of our standard controllers to optimize your ventilation system to perform to the maximum.

Our wide experience ranges from simple ventilation systems to ventilation systems with cross exchanger, rotor exchanger or built-in heat pump.

Contact us for a chat about how to make your ventilation system provide the most with the least possible energy supply.

Heat pumps

Our core competencies within electronics and control platforms for heat pumps are air-to-water heat pumps with a compressor size up to 7.5KW or a cooling / heating output in the 25KW level. Here we are specialists in high-end performance, where high COP value and high quality are a goal.

Control platforms for heat pumps are always customer-specific to a certain extent, so talk to our specialists. We have experience with all technical versions and cover everything from on-off systems with strict price requirements to high-complex systems with up to 4 E-valves in optimized operation, reminiscent of what is also called the SuperHeat function. And always optimized to achieve the highest possible efficiency. If you need the right frequency converter for your heat pump product, our specialists in Power engineering can help you – we probably already have a standard that just needs to be adapted.

Finally, we can also help you with a wide range of other accessories for your heat pump. E.g. valves, sensors and compressors.


Whether you are looking for control platforms for AHU or heat pumps, we have a complete IoT package with both app and fleet management, which with just a few adjustments can be made to “your” system. It gives you an advantageous edge in getting just your product on the market.

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